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Auto Accidents

An auto accident can happen to anyone. Every year car crashes cause death, brain, head, neck, spinal cord, shoulder, knee and other injuries to millions of people.

Motorcycle Accidents

An motorcycle accident can happen to anyone. Every year motorcycle crashes cause death, brain, head, neck, spinal cord, shoulder, knee and other injuries to millions of people.

Personal Injury

Shapiro | Delgado helps the families of people who have sustained brain, head, neck, spinal cord, shoulder or knee injuries due to the negligence of others.

Drunk Driving

Driving Under the Influence is costly and often tragic. If you’ve been the victim, or lost a loved one in a Florida drunk driving auto accident, you need Shapiro | Delgado to get you justice.

Truck Accidents

An truck accident can happen to anyone. Every year truck crashes cause death, brain, head, neck, spinal cord, shoulder, knee and other injuries to millions of people.

Wrongful Death

Shapiro | Delgado helps the families of people who have been in fatal accidents due to the negligence of others.

Fire Accident
Matthew T Rader Accident
Personal Injury Accident

No Fees Unless You Win

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"David Shapiro is one of the most knowledgeable and professional attorneys in his field. I would recommend him to any one of my family or friends."

No Fees Unless You Win! You did not ask to be injured, and you should not have to pay out of your pocket to get what you are owed.

Justice For The Injured And Their Family

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sarasota car accident lawyer

Justice without personal costs or attorney’s fees

We work strictly on a contingency fee, or a fixed percentage of your settlement. This means that we do not receive payment for attorneys’ fees or costs unless we win your case for you. It also means that you would not owe us any out-of-pocket expenses, costs or attorney’s fees

Remember, in most injury accidents, you or your immediate family will be contacted by an insurance company claims adjuster or lawyer. Insurance company claims adjusters, lawyers, expert witnesses and other representatives are trained to act in the best interest of the insurance company to reduce your settlement. It is their job to increase insurance company profits at your expense.

When you know how insurance companies work, and you know that David Shapiro will work for you without personal costs or attorney’s fees, it makes to trust us to fight back against insurance company claims adjusters and lawyers.

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Our Client's Experiences

David Shapiro did a superb professional and personally compassionate representation for my elderly Aunt who was involved in an accident. Our family considers him a blessing and I can't imagine an attorney better than he is. He gives the legal profession a shiny star!

Lillian Greeley

Accident Claim

David Shapiro did an excellent job for me with my case and I would recommend him to anyone in need of legal services. He's top notch!

Erin Knorr

Legal Services

Mr. Shapiro represented me in an auto accident a few years ago. He was a pleasure to work with and resolved my case better then I had expected. I worked with several doctors and the whole process was seamless.

Jimi Goethe

Auto Accident

This experience was a first for me and went something like this.
My thoughts and views were executed to a T. I was NEVER pushed or forced to do something I did not want to do. All available options were outlined and described in full.
If I ever need help with a situation again, it will be this firm.

Great experience, very professional and friendly

Jake Parker

Legal Services

I was involved in two separate car accidents in two years' time, each caused by an at-fault driver. David Shapiro represented my interests each time. I found David and his team to be extremely responsive, knowledgeable and compassionate. His ability to navigate through the process and his prowess in negotiating with the insurance companies made for a timely and very satisfactory result for me. I never felt like just a number, and I know that David and his staff really cared about my medical care and recovery. I hope to never again be a victim in a car accident, but I would not hesitate to recommend this Firm to someone in need who wants a proactive, effective and personal approach to their legal representation.

Tamela Eady

Auto Accidents

David Shapiro has represented me in a civil case. Throughout the case David Shapiro was extremely professional. His knowledge of the law is superb. He handled my case in a timely matter and at all times I felt he was in control of the situation. I could not have gotten better representation.

He definitely cared about me and wanted the best outcome for me. He is one of the finest attorneys in Sarasota. His credentials bear this out and apposing attorneys hold him in high regard.

I cannot say enough good things about David Shapiro and hopefully I will not need an attorney any time soon but would definitely only use him

Ronni Tudin

Civil Case

I always recommend David Shapiro for any personal injury needs. He never exaggerates, always gives me the straight scoop. These days finding an honest attorney with integrity is a huge asset. David has handled several matters for my family and I and I recommend him without hesitation to be your attorney as well.

Steven Husak

Personal Injury

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