Fatal Car Crash Shuts Down Sarasota County Freeway

Four people have been taken to the hospital, and one was pronounced dead at the scene after a multiple-vehicle involved crash. According to My Sun Coast, the wreck involved a group of motorcycle riders and a semi-truck. Per highway patrol, around 7:30pm David Boland separated himself from 4 other riders and veered into another lane. He lost control and was hit by a large commercial truck. Mr. Boland was 56 years old and lived in Englewood. Our hearts and prayers go out to Mr. Boland’s family as well as to all of the victims injured in the accident.

Over the holiday season and the winter months, more accidents will happen. Whether it be inclement weather or due to increased holiday traffic, accidents can and will occur. Over intoxicated party-goers and office get-togethers too often lead to disasters on the road. If you end up in a vehicle-related accident please call us right away. We offer a free consultation. You will get to meet with one of our Sarasota car accident attorneys. During your consult, we will analyze your case and advise you of your legal rights. Call (941) 954-4000 now to talk to an attorney for free.

Sarasota Car Accident Lawyers 

There are lots of Sarasota car accident lawyers. However, not all of them have the proven track record of Shapiro | Delgado: Get Me Justice. Sarasota County injury litigation attorney David Shapiro holds a perfect 10 Avvo rating. In addition, Mr. Shapiro is a board-certified civil trial lawyer. Jim L. Delgado manages our Manatee County location. He too is an Avvo rated injury lawyer. Mr. Delgado is also fluent in Spanish and provides free consultations to Spanish speaking injury victims. We service all of Sarasota County and have helped injury victims recover over $100,000,000.00. No case is too tough for us.

Auto accidents can cause a slew of financial problems. From auto repair bills to hundreds of thousands of dollars in medical expenses, car crash victims need financial support. Our law firm fights to get you the justice you deserve. It’s in our name because we know how important it is for you to get paid after an accident. Click here to learn more about our Sarasota car crash attorneys. If you’re considering filing a car accident injury lawsuit call us right away at (941) 954-4000. Here are some additional things you may want to consider after a crash.

How Much is my Auto Accident Injury Claim Worth? 

One of the most commonly asked questions we get is “how much is my auto accident injury claim worth“. It makes sense, accident victims need money. They want their medical expenses paid and they want to be reimbursed for lost wages. It is impossible for an attorney to determine how much money you will win, or if you will win at all. However, we may be able to calculate a theoretical estimate for you. If you would like to schedule a free car crash case analysis call us right away at (941) 954-4000. You can also access our 24-hour injury contact form by clicking here.

Do I need Rental Car Coverage? 

If your vehicle is going to be in the shop for an extended period of time, you do not want to take the bust. You have to get to work, pick up the kids, and purchase groceries. Unfortunately, not all insurance policies provide rental car coverage. Rental cars can be expensive. Why would you want to pay for a rental car when someone else caused the crash? No one would so don’t do it. Call a car accident lawyer in Sarasota now to find out about getting a rental car paid for by the party at fault.

Personal Injury Attorneys in Sarasota

If you end up in an auto accident call one of our personal injury attorneys in Sarasota right away. For over three decades David Shapiro has been fighting for the rights of accident victims. Mr. Shapiro is an injury advocate and he goes the extra mile to take care of those who trust their injury claims to his care. If you would like to discuss a potential car crash case call our law firm now at (941) 954-4000. Fighting for the financial justice of injury victims is what we do best.

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