Hiring an Auto Accident Attorney in Sarasota

According to My Sun Coast and ABC News, a major vehicle crash caused the I-75 to be shut down on Wednesday. Now, there are auto accidents and vehicle collisions on a daily basis in Sarasota County. What makes this incident unique is that it was the second crash of the day, both colliding with the overpass itself. This second accident caused the closure of all southbound lanes. Needless to say, traffic was a nightmare. ABC stated that the 24-year-old driver of a large dump truck was towing an excavator, which ended up running into the overpass. When trucks and cars collide, serious injuries can take place. If you’ve been injured in a car crash, hiring an auto accident attorney in Sarasota may be a good idea. Why would you want to retain the services of an injury lawyer after a crash? We’re going to discuss that in this article.

Hiring a Sarasota personal injury attorney to handle your auto accident injury claim may be your best bet at obtaining a positive settlement. The state of Florida does make it mandatory for drivers to carry auto insurance. However, the state also sets policy minimums. This means that just because the party at fault has car insurance, doesn’t mean their policy is large enough to cover all of the costs associated with the accident. Hospital bills, physical therapy, auto repair bills, and lost wages add up quickly. An injury attorney can help fight to ensure that you get every penny you deserve. Let’s identify our top 5 reasons why you may want to hire an auto accident lawyer.

Top 5 Reasons to Hire a Sarasota Car Accident Lawyer 

As we mentioned above, there were two accidents, on the same day on the same part of the I-75. Why are we bringing this up? Simple, to show you that while lighting doesn’t typically strike twice, car crashes do. In fact, NBC News reported about a major crane accident on the same freeway yesterday. That’s three major accidents involving the same part of a freeway in Sarasota County, in a two-day span. Look, accidents are going to happen. There is no way to prevent it. While some accidents end in simple fender benders, others cause catastrophic injuries. Whether you’re looking for assistance with getting a rental car and coverage for your auto repair bills, or if you’re seeking justice after sustaining a major injury, calling an attorney may be helpful.

There are lots of potential benefits to retaining an auto accident attorney. For some victims, it’s about peace of mind. For others, they may be facing permanent disabilities. Shapiro | Delgado GET ME JUSTICE is a premier personal injury law firm. We handle all types of injury claims, and we have offices in Sarasota County, Manatee County, and throughout Southwest Florida. Vehicle-related injuries are the most common type of claim and case we manage. In our opinion, here are the top 5 reasons to hire a Sarasota car accident lawyer.

Complicated and convoluted paperwork 

There are lots of different types of attorneys. Some focus on injury law, just like us, while others practice criminal defense or family law. Lawyers who prepare paperwork or documents for business are Contract Attorneys. Their job is to structure and write policies, riders, and contracts that protect their client’s best interests. Why are we bringing this up? Simple, did you ever sit down and read your insurance contract line for line? Probably not, and unless you’re an attorney, you most likely don’t understand the paperwork to begin with. Why should you? Insurance companies create complicated and convoluted paperwork just to confuse people. So hire your own attorney and fight back.

Insurance companies don’t like to pay injury claims

Insurance companies are billion-dollar, if not trillion-dollar, organizations. While most people carry insurance for the purpose of peace of mind, insurance works very differently. Insurance companies are financial firms, and in some ways, they act as a casino. Think about it this way, if everyone who went to Vegas won money, Vegas would go bankrupt. An insurance company, in the same fashion, must collect more money than it pays out. If they fail to do so they become insolvent and they close their doors. So, what does this mean for injury victims? It means that insurance companies FIGHT to keep money in their pockets. One big benefit of hiring an injury attorney is for them to deal with a greedy insurance company.

Insurance companies try to deny claims 

Have you ever heard the statement “if you give someone an inch they will take a mile“? Okay, so that’s an obvious question and answer. However, did you know that insurance companies kind of act the same way? Look, we’re not here to bash insurance firms. We are however here to fight for the rights of injury victims. Insurance companies are businesses. Just like every other business, they are out to make a profit. Unfortutnelty, sometimes profits get put ahead of people. If an insurance underwriter, adjuster, or attorneys see a way out of not paying a claim, they will take it. Insurance companies try to deny claims. Hiring an injury attorney to protect your rights may be a good idea after an accident.

Getting paid the maximum amount of money after an injury 

Yes, our law firm is home to some of the most tenured and trusted injury attorneys in the state of Florida. You are correct, we’ve won over $100,000,000.00 for our clients. Obviously, getting paid the maximum amount of money after an injury is important. Accident victims, whether you were hurt in a vehicle crash, a slip and fall accident, or if you were bitten by a dog, deserve financial justice. It’s not just medical expenses that cause stress to injury victims. Too often people who get hurt can’t work. That means a loss of wages. There are lots of financial concerns that can cripple a family after an accident. That’s why this is number two on our list. Shapiro | Delgago GET ME JUSTICE fights for injury victims. We protect your financial rights after an accident.

Peace of mind after an accident 

Getting paid is number two on our list, number one is the peace of mind after an accident. Look, injury victims have enough stress dealing with physical therapy, rehab, and trying to recover from an accident. When you add in dealing with everyday life issues like kids, work, and bills it could be enough to cause anyone to crack under pressure. Arguing with insurance companies is the last thing you want to deal with when your hurting. Insurance companies hire underwriters and adjusters to analyze ways to deny claims. They also pay high powered attorneys to protect their interests. Hiring a Sarasota car accident attorney gives you a lawyer on your side.

Injury Attorneys in Sarasota County, FL

If you’re looking to discuss a potential case with injury attorneys in Sarasota County, FL look no further than Shapiro | Delgado GET ME JUSTICE. Our personal injury lawyers have over 100 years of combined legal experience. In addition, we’ve won well over one hundred million dollars for accident victims. Our firm offers a very comprehensive case review. While no law firm can guarantee a specific result or monetary settlement amount, we may be able to provide a theoretical estimate of a potential settlement value.

Mr. David Shapiro and Mr. Delgado have decades of experience. Rising Star Adam Shapiro and AV-rated injury lawyer James Horne are aggressive and skilled litigators. There are lots of reasons why hiring an auto accident attorney in Sarasota may be a good idea. In this article, we identified our top 5 reasons to hire a Sarasota car accident lawyer. Below are additional reasons why Shapiro | Delgado GET ME JUSTICE may be the injury law firm you’ve been looking for.