Meet Mr. Adam Shapiro – Tenacious and Tactical Vehicle Accident Injury Attorney

When your father is a successful and respected member of the legal community, following in his footsteps is anything accept easy. Many would shy away from it; most would become overwhelmed by it. However, for Adam Shapiro the task was never too tall. In fact, he has excelled and is beginning to carve his own name into stone.

Meet Mr. Adam Shapiro. As a tenacious and tactical vehicle accident injury attorney, Adam takes on tough cases. In fact, Mr. Shapiro recently won a landmark case for a client who was turned down by multiple other injury attorneys. The injury claim was more than difficult, it actually lacked the medical documentation normally required. Which is why so many else turned their back on this particular client. Adam did not, and he fought for the client’s financial rights. In the end, not only did Mr. Shapiro secure a victory, he won the highest dollar amount allowed.

Sarasota Rising Star Personal Injury Lawyer

Mr. Adam Shapiro already holds many awards. He has a perfect 10 AVVO rating along with the title of Rising Star awarded by none other than Super Lawyers. In addition, in 2019 Adam was awarded the Silver Client Champion title by, a subsidiary of Martindale-Hubbell.

While there are lots of injury attorneys in Sarasota County, there may not be a more highly awarded law firm that Shapiro | Delgado: GET ME JUSTICE. Yes, it is true, Adam is none other than the son of tenured and well-respected injury lawyer Mr. M David Shapiro. However, Adam is starting to build his own legacy. By taking on tough cases that other injury attorneys turned down Adam has shown accident victims that he is not afraid to stand up and fight.

Tenacious, calculated, educated, and trustworthy are all terms that describe Adam Shapiro. However, we believe that caring is the best word that embodies who Adam Shapiro truly is. Personal injury attorneys are often referred to as “ambulance chasers”. Adam however is far from that. He cares for his clients, and he shows that and proves that by fighting for them, even when other tenured attorneys told them no.

If you or a loved one have been hurt in a car crash or vehicle accident, call Adam Shapiro to schedule a free consultation. Mr. Shapiro will even come to you if you are too hurt to come to our law firm. The consultation is free, and Adam will address your concerns and answer all of your questions. Call our law firm today and ask to speak with Mr. Adam Shapiro. He will FIGHT for you.