New Years Eve Fatal Auto Accident

The holiday season is finally behind us. Unfortunately, as we mentioned throughout November and December, the holidays bring a rise in car crashes. According to ABC News, a woman lost her life in a fatal auto accident right on New Year’s Eve. Shortly after 1am Florida Highway Patrol was called to South Shade Avenue and Grove Street. Two vehicles had collided. A Honda Civic driven by  Brian Kelly, a 71-year-old Sarasota resident, crashed into a Ford Explorer. While the driver of the explorer survived with minor injuries, the passenger was instantly killed. Local authorities are continuing to investigate and the ABC News story states that charges are pending.

While the accident above is horrific, it was not the only fatal crash that took place just after midnight. In Osprey a man lost his life on U.S. 41 when he lost control of his vehicle, crashing into a signal light. As of now, the accident is under investigation to determine if alcohol was involved. Capping off the terrible past few days of reckless driving and senseless accidents deals with 4 juveniles who stole a car then crashed it into a tree. All four passengers were severely injured, a 17-year-old boy lost his life. Time and time again, alcohol and careless driving cause fatal accidents. Our law firm extends our condolences to all of those who sustained injuries in the accidents we mentioned above. More so, our hearts and prayers go out to those who lost their lives and to the families of the victims.

Shapiro | Delgado: Get Me Justice knows that accidents can and will happen. If you, or a loved one, have been seriously injured in an auto accident please contact our law firm. Our Sarasota car crash lawyers provide a free consultation. If you’ve lost a loved one in a car crash we may also be able to help your family file a wrongful death claim. Our website allows accident victims to contact us 24/7. If you want to speak with a Sarasota personal injury attorney open 24 hours click here. Fill out our client intake form and a representative will contact you shortly. Read below to learn more about what an injury attorney can do to help you after a crash.

Contact a Car Accident Attorney in Sarasota, FL 

If you would like to contact a car accident attorney in Sarasota, FL call (941) 954-4000. We provide a complimentary car crash consultation. While no attorney can guarantee a result or provide a spot on dollar value to a case, we can analyze your accident. We may be able to provide you a theoretical estimate of a potential settlement value. Look, you do not need to hire an injury lawyer to submit an injury claim. However, you may want to consider retaining one. Insurance companies like to market us with all of the wonderful things they will do when we need them. Sadly, insurance companies tend to put profits ahead of people. You need to understand that insurance companies make profits on investing the money we pay in the form of policy payments. They lose money by paying out big injury claims. In fact, they hire experienced attorneys to protect them. So, what can you do to protect yourself after a crash?

You can hire your own legal representation. By retaining the representation of a Sarasota personal injury lawyer you can fight back. Don’t let an insurance company push you around. Let us fight for your financial rights. You deserve justice, let Get Me Justice work to protect your best interests. Here are some things we can do to help you after an accident injury.

File a Car Accident Injury Claim

Insurance companies are notorious for denying legitimate injury claims. There are multiple ways that insurance firms try to wiggle out of forking over money. Whether it’s a lack of medical documentation on your part, or if there are circumstances surrounding the crash that are complicating things, you better believe that an adjuster or underwriter won’t try to use that against you. Sadly, one way you can hurt your chances of getting paid is by filing an injury claim incorrectly. If you would like to speak to a lawyer about how to file a car accident injury claim click here. We also provide a free case review.

Getting Paid Quickly and for the Maximum Amount of Money 

One of the most important things to accident victims is getting paid quickly and for the maximum amount of money. We know this, and we work hard to get our clients paid as fast as possible. One thing we believe that helps accident victims is to hire an injury lawyer to submit and manage their claim. In our opinion, it shows the insurance company and their attorneys that you mean business. Insurance companies are financial firms. They hedge their bets and protect their bottom line. When they know that you’re ready to fight, and that you have an attorney on your side, they tend to come to the table.

While we always work hard to get you the money you need as quickly as possible, we also don’t just roll over and settle. Our job is to protect your best interests. Even if that means taking a case to court. That’s right, while some other injury lawyers try to avoid trials, we don’t. We’ve helped win well over one hundred million dollars for accident injury victims. Check out some of our case results by clicking here. You can also call us directly at (941) 954-4000.

Submit a Wrongful Death Lawsuit After a Car Accident 

As we mentioned earlier in this article, there were multiple fatal accidents in Sarasota County right after the new year. Injury lawyers may be helpful when you’ve sustained serious injuries. Medical expenses can be high, and if you cannot work, you may need extra money. Physical therapy and the rehab process can also be very costly. So it’s important to get the most money you can. While no law firm can promise a specific result, history shows that hiring a personal injury lawyer carries many benefits. However, if you’ve lost a loved one in an auto accident you might need to hire a lawyer. An experienced injury lawyer can help submit a wrongful death lawsuit after a car accident. This may be necessary to financially protect the victims surviving family. Especially if young children are involved. We know how to handle these types of delicate legal situations. Call us now to discuss a wrongful death lawsuit.

Top Rated Injury Attorney David Shapiro 

Top-rated injury attorney David Shapiro has over 30 plus years of experience. He is tenacious, tactful, and most of all an aggressive litigation lawyer. He has the education and experience to take on any big corporation or large insurance company in the courtroom. Just how good is David Shapiro? Well, for starters, he holds a perfect 10 Avvo rating. He has also been recognized by Super Lawyers as a top-rated personal injury attorney in Sarasota, FL. Mr. Shapiro has also been awarded the level of AV Preeminent the highest legal honor from Martindale-Hubbell. However, if you ask Mr. Shapiro what his greatest professional accomplishment is he won’t mention his awards. He won’t bring up his accolades. No, if you ask David what he feels is the best thing he’s done it’s the results he’s obtained for his clients. Mr. Shapiro knows that accident injury victims need financial support. Our law firm fights to get clients the money they deserve.

If you would like to speak with Mr. Shapiro, or if you want to learn more about what being a board-certified civil trial lawyer means, click here. Our Sarasota office is located at 308 Cocoanut Avenue in the heart of Sarasota. Call us at (941) 954-4000 or click here to fill out our 24-hour injury contact form.

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