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Bradenton, and all of Manatee County, have witnessed a significant increase in auto accidents and motorcycle crashes. According to the Bradenton Herald, there have been multiple accidents that have caused severe injuries, including fatalities, over the last few months. The article goes on to claim that tourist traffic and an increase in the cities nightlife may be contributing to the noticeable increase in vehicle crashes. Accidents happen, and when they do, you may be facing much more than just medical expenses. Shapiro I Delgado employs some of the highest rated personal injury attorneys in Bradenton. Our attorneys hold perfect 10 AVVO scores, as well as recognition from Super Lawyers.

After an auto accident, remember to call (941) 749-1446. GET ME JUSTICE fights for the rights of injury victims. Our law firm has locations in Sarasota, Palmetto, and we service all of Manatee County. If you or a loved one have sustained injuries due to the negligence of another, we can help. In fact, our attorneys have over 100 years of combined legal experience. In addition, we have won over one hundred million dollars for injury victims. No one wakes up hoping to get into an accident, but accidents can and will happen. When they do, you have legal options and you deserve financial compensation. Keep reading to learn more about how our Bradenton personal injury attorneys can help you file an injury claim.

Who are the best personal injury attorneys in Bradenton, FL? 

If you’ve stumbled upon our website because you’re wondering who are the best personal injury attorneys in Bradenton, FL we urge you to pause. Yes, we believe we are excellent ligation lawyers. No, we are not claiming to be the “best” attorneys. Why is that? Simple, there is no such thing as the best lawyer. After decades in the legal field, we believe we’ve earned our stripes. In our opinion, the best thing to do when it comes to hiring an attorney is to retain the law firm you trust the most. How can you do that? Simple, by reading reviews and asking a lot of questions.

This is why we always offer a complimentary personal injury consultation. We have four ways of providing you with an extensive case review. You can visit our Sarasota County office, our Manatee County office, we can talk over the phone, or if you’re too hurt to come to us we will come to you. Our law firm makes it easy for injury victims to get the advice and legal assistance they need. Injury victims tend to have lots of questions. Furthermore, injury victims also tend to have lots of concerns. Here are some things you may want to consider asking an attorney about after an injury.

Top 3 Questions to Ask a Bradenton Personal Injury Attorney 

If you’re stressed out after a car crash or sustaining an injury, don’t feel ashamed. It’s normal to have anxiety after an accident. According to Supermoney, auto accidents cost taxpayers $230 Billion dollars a year. In addition, Best Lawyers claims that medical expenses from accidents cost an average of $57,000.00 dollars. Do you have an extra 50 plus grand to throw away just because someone else crashed into you? No, you don’t. Most people don’t. That’s why when you’re injured you need justice, which is why so many people turn to GET ME JUSTICE. We’ve been fighting for the rights of the injured for over a combined 100 years.

If you’ve bee, hurt in an auto accident, slip and fall, motorcycle wreck, or a crash involving a large truck allow our Bradenton personal injury attorneys to provide you with a free consultation. Even though you may have lots of questions you want to ask right now, sometimes people get nervous and forget to ask certain things when they meet with a lawyer. This is why we suggest writing down all of your questions, we can address each one of your concerns when we meet to analyze your case. In our opinion, here are the top 3 questions to ask a Bradenton personal injury attorney.

Do I have a viable injury claim? 

This is a very important question to ask a potential injury attorney. While we believe that every injury victim deserves justice, sadly that’s not how the legal system works. In the state of Florida, we need to be able to provide fault, and we need documentation to support the extent of the injury claims. In addition, we need to be able to associate or tie the injuries to the accident. Thus proving not only that the other party is at fault but that the accident itself caused the injuries. Asking an injury lawyer if you have a viable case can help save you lots of time and headaches. Make sure to tell us everything about the accident, the more we know the better we can help you.

Do I need to provide medical records of my injuries? 

One of the first questions WE will ask a potential client is if they sought medical attention after an accident. Why is this? Simple, the insurance company is going to ask the same thing. Look, we’re not here to flat our “bash” insurance companies but we are here to help our clients, and potential new clients, understand the issues with filing an injury claim. Insurance firms are financial institutions. They don’t pay out large injury settlements for fun, they lose money this way. So, if you don’t go to the doctor after an accident we may not have enough medical evidence to source and prove the injuries were caused by the accident in question.

How much money have you won for injury victims like me? 

Yes, we believe this is a very important question to ask. While no two injuries are 100% alike, accident cases tend to have similar issues about them. It’s always best to be transparent, honest, and blunt with a potential injury lawyer. This way you can start the relationship off on the right foot. You’re injured, and if you’re calling an injury attorney, it’s because you’re seeking financial compensation for said injuries. Asking a lawyer how much money they have won for similar injury clients may help you determine which attorney is right for you.

Bradenton Injury Law Firm Shapiro | Delgado Get Me Justice 

Shapiro | Delgado GET ME JUSTICE is a premier Bradenton Injury Law Firm. Our injury lawyers have over 100 years of combined experience, and we’ve won well over $100,000,000.00 for accident victims. Most states have specific rules and regulations pertaining to personal injury laws. Florida is no different, and if you want to give yourself the best chance to obtain a successful settlement or victory, you may want to retain a law firm with a proven track record of success. So, why do we believe our law firm is an excellent choice when seeking justice after an accident? Simple, it’s in our name.

Mr. David Shapiro is a tenured injury attorney. Not only does David hold a perfect 10 AVVO rating, but he is also a board-certified civil trial lawyer. Mr. Jim L. Delgado is a trial-tested injury litigation attorney. He has an impeccable reputation throughout Bradenton, Palmetto, and all of Manatee County. Our Bradenton and Palmetto injury lawyers are also bilingual and fluent in English and Spanish. If you’ve been injured due to someone else’s negligence in Bradenton or Manatee County, click here to contact us now for a free consultation.