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Auto Accident Claims Process From Start To Finish

May 15, 2024 Brian Beltz
  1. Insurance Verification: We will verify that we have insurance claims open for any and all insurance policies that may cover the accident. Then, we will total all the potential insurance policies to determine the amount of insurance coverage available. If it appears inadequate, we check the at-fault party’s assets to make sure
  2. Treatment: We help you find doctors that have plenty of experience treating accident victims and confirm that they are properly billing your auto-insurance for accident-related injuries. Please note, not all medical providers will treat you after an auto-accident, which is why finding a doctor can require some guidance.
  1. Record Gathering: We follow along with your treatment plan, requesting all medical records and bills to add to your file.
  1. Future Treatment: We discuss your plans for future treatment. Whether you plan to continue with physical therapy or if you are considering something more invasive like surgeries or epidural steroid injections.
  1. Wages: We gather lost wage and loss of earning capacity information if you have had to miss work during your recovery or if your injuries may affect your job performance in the future. This requires tax returns, pay stubs, doctor’s notes restricting your work and understanding if your injuries will affect your ability to receive promotions or raises.
  1. Other Harm: We discuss any other ways your injuries have impacted your life. Whether that’s recreational activities, chores around the house, lack of sleep, general discomfort, etc. These are all important aspects of your injury claim.
  1. Demanding Payment: Once we have all your medical records, understand your diagnosis and prognosis, projected future medicals and all the other damages referenced above, we summarize your damages in writing and send a demand out to the insurance company, typically asking for policy limits.
  1. Tender or Offer: the insurance company will either tender the funds or make an offer that’s less than the policy limits. If they make an offer, we discuss their offer with you, estimate how high we think they’ll come up to, and estimate how much you would net if you took that amount in a settlement. Your decision will be whether you want to negotiate or simply file a lawsuit if their offer is unfair. Before filing a lawsuit, we would bring you in to discuss what a lawsuit would entail, your responsibilities, expectations, risks and rewards. Then you would decide whether you would want to settle or file a lawsuit. We give our recommendations based on our experience, but it’s always the client’s choice and a personal decision to them. More information on the lawsuit can be found on page 3.
  1. Settlement: If the case settles, the next step is to update all of your outstanding medical bills and any health insurance liens. Once we received, we ask the lienholders to reduce in order to maximize your net recovery.
  1. Closing: Once all of the liens are negotiated, we bring you in to look over and sign the closing statement where you will receive your settlement check!