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Case Results

Brain Injury

On a car accident case with a traumatic brain injury.

Product Liability/Wrongful Death

On a wrongful death product liability claim.

Truck Fatality Accident

We obtained a $5,375,000 verdict for clients that had lost their mother due to a tragic accident where she was struck by a large commercial Truck and ultimately passed away.

Wrongful Death

On a wrongful death settlement.

Motorcycle Accident

We obtained $1.8 million for visitors from Germany involved in a motorcycle accident.

Motorcycle Fatality Accident

Motorcycle fatality accident in Pinellas County where the motor cycle driver was cited for the accident. We obtained for the wife of the deceased $1.7 Million.

Wrongful Death

On a wrongful death verdict.

Semi-Truck Accident

We obtained a settlement in the amount of $1.4 million for a client he was injured when a semi-truck crashed into her car.  The truck driver was not in compliance with the federal regulations.

Gun Shot Wound

We helped a victim of a gun shot wound $1.3 million (limits) from the homeowners insurance of the person who negligently discharged his weapon at a gun range.

Car Accident

On an auto case where there was only $50,000 in insurance, we made the insurance company over twenty times their policy limits.

Truck Accident

On a trucking case with a very low initial offer.

Defective Product

On a serious injury claim involving a defective ladder.

Medical Malpractice

We obtained a settlement of $1.1 Million dollars on a $50,000 policy when the insurance company refused to offer the policy to a woman who suffered a stroke during surgery for and injured neck caused by their insured.

Serious Injury

On a serious injury claim.

Defective Machine

We obtained $900,000 for a client who lost sight in one eye when a scissor lift he rented malfunctioned even though the defense claimed he misused the machine.

Car Accident

On a car accident with serious injuries.

Trucking Accident

On a car versus work truck case.

Car Accident

We obtained $650,000 for a client who drove into the back of a supply truck parked in tan intersection without the necessary and required safeguards.

Car Accident

On a car accident case with a leg injury.

Premises Liability

On a premises case where the insurance company was fighting liability.

Car Accident

On a car accident case with a leg injury.

Carnival Accident

On a carnival accident.

Bicycle Accident

For a client who was knocked down on their bicycle by a dog.

Nursing Home Accident

On a case where a client was knocked down at a nursing home.

Car Accident

On a settlement versus a drunk driver.

Bicycle Accident

For a bicycle versus car accident where our client had been fired by their previous law firm.