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Florida Work Zone Crashes

The state of Florida makes it clear that every person operating on the state’s highways owes those handling repairs or other work to be respected. Work zone safety is a priority, yet accidents still happen often with devastating outcomes. For those who are hurt in Florida work zone car crashes, it is critical that you know your rights as a victim and who is responsible.

Consider the Risks of Work Zone Accidents in Florida

Work zone crashes in Florida range widely in terms of cause and outcome. The Florida Department of Transportation states that, from 2017 to 2021, 53,000 work zone-related accidents occurred. These accidents were devastating, causing the loss of 356 lives and 1904 serious injuries. These accidents can involve:

  • A driver being hurt due to the negligence of the road crew
  • Workers suffering injuries due to driver negligence
  • Bike riders and pedestrians suffering injuries due to work zone safety risks

Determining Liability in Work Zone Crashes in Florida

To ensure a person working on a Florida roadway is safe, there are numerous steps any contractor or the state itself must take to ensure that workers are protected. City and state contractors must follow all laws regarding work zone safety as well. One of the complications of receiving compensation for these accidents is determining who is at fault. To do that, it is necessary to consider the cause of the work zone crash. Examples could include:

  • Driver distraction, meaning the driver of the vehicle striking the worker, is to blame
  • OSHA safety rules not followed
  • Site managers who disregard safety protocols

Ultimately, the evidence at the scene and from the reports of witnesses can help to formulate the responsibility in this case. Because so much hinges on proving who caused this accident, it is critical to work with an attorney who can guide you in getting compensation.

What If the Injured Party is Another Driver?

Florida work zone crashes may involve losses suffered by others – such as a person who is in a vehicle driving to and from work. The work zone may not have been safely established or the driver may not have received a warning that there was construction present. A truck working on the construction may have struck you as a result of not being in the proper location or not paying attention to their movements.

There are many times when the construction company, contractor, state, or other party conducting the work could be responsible for the injuries and losses you suffer in a car accident. If you are in your own vehicle and suffer injuries related to these types of accidents, it is critical to seek out support from an attorney who will fight for your full and fair compensation.

Call a Florida Car Accident Attorney Today

The circumstances of any work zone accident in Florida ultimately determine who is at fault and, as a result, who is owed compensation for their losses. By working with a Florida car accident attorney who has ample experience in this area, it is possible to better understand the losses you have and your rights. Call the office of Shapiro | Delgado | Hofmann Law Firm today.