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Palmetto Wrongful Death Lawyer

Outliving a family member over another’s negligence is a pain that most people will never understand. Many clients describe their grief and anger over an entirely preventable situation that robbed them of love, comfort, and protection. If someone’s actions caused you to lose a loved one, a Palmetto wrongful death attorney at Shapiro | Delgado | Hofmann will help you navigate your options under the Florida legal system.

Our legal team has held careless, reckless individuals and companies accountable for their life-ending decisions. We also want to help your family achieve civil justice during a Free Consultation at (941) 954-4000. There is no obligation to hire us, but if you do, we will not request advance payment until you win your case.

Shapiro | Delgado | Hofmann Protects Your Family’s Legal Rights

A wrongful death occurs when another party’s negligence or wrongdoing is the cause of the fatal accident. The law assumes that if your family membered had lived, they would have filed a claim for their injuries, and the liable party would still be responsible for paying damages. Since they are no longer alive to file a claim, surviving family members, through a personal representative, file a claim where all proceeds go to the estate for distribution to heirs during probate court.

Shapiro | Delgado | Hofmann files wrongful death claims in Florida for:

  • Car accidents
  • Slip and fall accidents
  • Product liability claims
  • Medical malpractice claims
  • Other general personal injury matters

Florida Laws Afford Your Family Legal Rights After a Wrongful Death

A wrongful death claim in Florida may award damages to the deceased’s survivors through beneficiary distributions via probate. Depending upon your relationship with the decedent, our Palmetto wrongful death attorney will help you determine which damages are claimable under the law and as they apply to your situation.

Awards recovered by Shapiro | Delgado | Hofmann in past client matters include:

  • Surviving spouse: Compensation for loss of companionship, loss of protection, lost support, lost services, and mental anguish.
  • Children: Compensation for the loss of parental companionship, instruction, guidance, lost support, lost services, and mental anguish in the absence of a surviving parent.
  • No other survivors: Parents of an adult child may recover damages for mental anguish, lost support, and lost services.

Surviving family members may be reimbursed for medical or funeral expenses incurred for the decedent’s injury or death. Our legal team will help you determine what options are available to your family so that you take the approach you want and get the outcome you deserve.

We Help Families Prove the Facts of Their Case

Negotiating a wrongful death claim in Florida requires the legal team at Shapiro | Delgado | Hofmann to prove that negligence occurred. Our Palmetto wrongful death lawyer will determine if negligence played a role in your case by establishing four essential facts:

  • Fact 1. The at-fault party owed your loved one a general or medical duty of care
  • Fact 2. The at-fault party breached their duty by acting carelessly or recklessly
  • Fact 3. Their careless, reckless actions caused your loved one’s accident
  • Fact 4. Your loved one’s accident resulted in their death and financial damages

Learn More During Your Family’s Free Consultation

Shapiro | Delgado | Hofmann is committed to helping Palmetto residents who have suffered personal injuries. Our team offers assistance with a variety of cases, including car accidents, medical malpractice, slip and fall accidents, product liability, and wrongful death. Let us help you navigate the legal process.

No one should face the untimely death of a dear family member. Florida’s civil system upholds your legal rights. Our Palmetto wrongful death attorney wants to assert them through a negotiated settlement or civil award. Find out if legal representation is right for your loved ones by scheduling a Free Consultation with Shapiro | Delgado | Hofmann at (941) 954-4000 or online.