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10 Most Common Causes of Motorcycle Accidents

December 14, 2021 Legal Team
motorcycle accidents

Riding a motorcycle can give you a sense of freedom and can be a thrill as you drive down the highway or road. It can also be dangerous in motorcycle accidents. You’re left vulnerable on your bike, and if another driver on the road isn’t paying attention, it can result in a crash. When you’re in a motorcycle accident, you can suffer serious injuries, and your bike can endure severe damage.

While motorcycle accidents can happen at any time, take a look at 10 of the most common causes:

  1. Unsafe lane changes: Drivers in other vehicles need to be alert for motorcycles on the road. If a driver fails to check his or her blind spots or doesn’t signal when changing lanes, it can risk a collision with a motorcycle. While it’s always important to follow these rules on the road, it’s even more important to avoid hitting a bike and causing motorcycle accidents.
  2. Speeding: Speeding is always dangerous on the roadways and can put all vehicles at risk. It limits the driver’s ability to see an obstacle and react, and the faster a vehicle is moving, the harder impact it will make. If a driver is going too fast, he or she may not have enough time to react if they suddenly see a motorcycle in their lane or need to maneuver around it.
  3. Drunk driving: Drinking and driving can have severe consequences for all motorists on the roadways. Driving while under the influence of alcohol can limit the driver’s ability to focus on the road and react appropriately to avoid an accident. A motorcyclist may endure more severe injuries if he or she is hit by a drunk driver than someone in another vehicle.
  4. Lane splitting: Lane splitting is not legal in Florida, because it is very dangerous. This occurs when a motorcyclist drives between two lanes of traffic. This can quickly lead to motorcycle accidents.
  5. Rear-ending: If a driver makes a sudden stop on the road, it can result in an accident. This typically happens if a driver is following another driver too closely and doesn’t have enough space to stop when the vehicle suddenly halts. A motorcyclist can be seriously injured in these types of accidents.
  6. Left-turn accidents: Making a left turn is always risky as you are cutting across a lane of traffic. This can be especially dangerous for motorcycle drivers if a driver doesn’t see the motorcycle, or if the distance is misjudged. This can lead to a serious injury or even death.
  7. Dangerous road conditions: Wet roads, potholes, debris on the road, and other conditions can lead to potential accidents. These obstacles can cause motorcycle riders to lose control of their bike.
  8. Car door accidents: Drivers might not see motorcycles when they are parked, either. If a driver doesn’t see a motorcycle coming and suddenly opens his or her door into the path of an oncoming motorcycle, it can injure the motorcyclist.
  9. Motorcycle defects: Occasionally, there might be an issue with the bike that leads to an accident and potential injury. This can happen if there is a design flaw or other issue. It’s essential to watch for vehicle recalls avoiding these situations.
  10. Inexperienced drivers: Driving a motorcycle safely takes practice, especially to accurately perform certain maneuvers. Because of this, inexperienced drivers can be more at risk of getting into accidents than more experienced drivers.

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