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5 of the Most Dangerous Driving Habits and How to Break Them

March 31, 2023 Legal Team
For most Americans, driving is a necessity. It is part of a daily routine and any thoughts during driving are geared towards the destination, not the journey. However, it is time to pay more attention to the journey. Driving is dangerous and is getting more so every year. According to the National Highway Traffic...
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How Comparative Negligence Affects Liability in Florida Car Accidents

March 20, 2023 Legal Team
What is Comparative Negligence? Comparative negligence is a system of sharing fault for an accident. When drivers are involved in a car accident, they may be assigned any percentage of total fault for that accident or a driver may be assigned no fault at all. For example, two parties equally at-fault for an accident...
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What Legal Options You Have After a Catastrophic Injury

May 3, 2022 Legal Team
A catastrophic injury can instantly change a person’s life. One minute you might be a perfectly healthy individual with full usage of all of your limbs and unlimited potential. Then in an instant, an accident can occur that leaves you mentally altered from a brain injury, or paralyzed due to a spinal injury. When...
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Brain Injuries: 6 Common Causes

March 29, 2022 Legal Team
Brain injuries can be life-altering. These can quickly leave you incapacitated and unable to take care of yourself, your home, or others. In an instant, you can go from being fully independent to suddenly relying on others to help complete daily tasks. You may need to alter your home, change your job, or even...
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Slip and Fall Injuries: 7 of the Most Common Locations

March 22, 2022 Legal Team
Slip and fall injuries can occur at any time, and in any place. Even benign-looking locations can turn into dangerous situations under the right conditions – between wet surfaces, uneven flooring, and more. Take a look at some of the most common locations where slip and fall injuries occur. On the Sidewalks Walking down...
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