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What Should I Do at the Scene of a Truck Accident?

October 17, 2023 Legal Team
Accidents are terrifying and traumatic. The aftermath of a truck accident is particularly chaotic and frightening, especially if you’ve experienced painful injuries or have injured loved ones with you. It’s difficult to keep a cool head during the trauma immediately following an accident involving a large commercial truck, but what you do during the...
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What Damages Can I Collect for a Truck Accident?

October 15, 2023 Legal Team
Commercial trucks are large, difficult to maneuver, have extensive blind spots, and require wide turns and extended stopping distances. They also far outweigh common passenger vehicles on the road. Injuries from truck accidents are often severe or catastrophic, causing life-altering consequences to accident victims. In 2022, 5,276 truck accident fatalities occurred in the United...
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When Should You Get a Lawyer for a Truck Accident?

October 14, 2023 Legal Team
Florida’s no-fault insurance laws require traffic accident victims to file injury claims against their own insurance companies, regardless of who was at fault. This law often streamlines the claim process so injury victims recover compensation for property damage and personal injuries quickly and without litigation. However, Florida’s minimum Personal Injury Protection (PIP) insurance requirement...
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Is the Truck Driver or Trucking Company Responsible for an Accident?

October 11, 2023 Legal Team
Accidents involving large commercial trucks are on the rise in the United States, increasing by 49% in the last decade. When large, heavy commercial trucks collide with smaller passenger vehicles, catastrophic injuries often result, with the motorists in the smaller car at a significant disadvantage. Injury victims may also face a disadvantage when they...
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