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5 Causes of Motorcycle Accidents – and How All Drivers Could Prevent Them

September 22, 2021 Legal Team
Motorcycle Accident Lawyers

Automobiles share the road with trucks, bicycles, and motorcycles. Sometimes it’s easy to overlook motorcyclists or to misinterpret the way they are driving. And that’s probably one reason that motorcycle accidents are so deadly. All drivers share responsibility for staying safe. This article looks at five causes of devastating motorcycle accidents and how we can all try to prevent them.

#1.  Mechanical Errors and Motorcycle Accidents

It might seem that motorcyclists don’t have much to worry about here. They don’t have as many moving parts to worry about, but their risk is great if mechanical failures happen. Accidents can be caused by broken steering components, bad brakes, worn tires, and more in both cars and motorcycles.

The best way to prevent this type of motorcycle accident is to keep your vehicle in good working order. Make sure your brakes are working. Also, before setting off, line up your mirrors to minimize blind spots.

#2.  Speeding Is a Leading Cause of Crashes

Driving too fast limits the driver’s reaction time. This is true for all drivers, not just those on two wheels. In 2019, speeding was at least one factor in about 26% of traffic deaths.

Usually, you can help prevent motorcycle accidents – and all accidents – by following the posted speed limit. But sometimes it is best to stick with traffic flow as long as you don’t speed. Sometimes weather, traffic, and road conditions dictate how fast you safely can drive.

#3.  Distracted Driving Sometimes Causes Motorcycle Accidents

Most people associate phone use with distracted driving. But other activities fall into this category, including:

  • Eating or drinking,
  • Taking care of children,
  • Daydreaming, and
  • Listening to loud music.

Car drivers may be more likely to drive while distracted than motorcyclists. It’s easy to forget how dangerous the roads can be when surrounded by your car’s protective qualities.

To help prevent motorcycle accidents, automobile drivers should pay attention only to the road and other drivers on the road. Just a few seconds of distraction could cost someone their life.

#4.   Blind Spots Contribute to Motorcycle Accidents

You have probably encountered this problem. While driving your car, you don’t realize that another vehicle has approached because they are right in your blind spot. Truck drivers face the same problem. Because of the devastating nature of motorcycle accidents, it’s important to account for your blind spots at all times.

Be aware that motorcycles can be hard to see. Both auto drivers and motorcyclists must remember this to avoid motorcycle accidents.

#5.  The Roadway Itself Is Often a Factor

Sometimes motorcycle accidents are caused by:

  • Gravel on the road,
  • Potholes or uneven pavement, and
  • Objects on the road.

Automobile drivers should be aware that motorcycles might swerve into their paths to avoid problems. Likewise, motorcyclists have to remember that cars may maneuver around a problem in the roadway. Drivers might not be aware that the motorcycle is even nearby.

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