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Sarasota Injury Attorneys Open During the Coronavirus Crisis

April 4, 2020 Legal Team

Shapiro | Delgado | Hofmann knows that these are trying times. The COVID-19 virus has not only rocked out communities but our nation and our entire planet. Understandably, people are scared. Our entire law firm extends our hearts and prayers to all of those affected by this unforgiving and horrible disease. While this crisis continues, we want all of the people of Sarasota and Manatee County to know that we are still here to help defend you and your rights after an accident. That’s why we’re staying open. If you need to talk with Sarasota injury attorneys open during the Coronavirus crisis call (941) 945-4000. We’re open 24 hours.

David Shapiro and his team of Sarasota injury lawyers know that accidents can and will happen. People still need to go out during the crisis. From going to the grocery store to keeping up with medical appointments, people may still get injured during the virus shutdown. If you need to talk to an injury attorney about an accident claim, we are here. Schedule a free consultation with a Sarasota personal injury attorney now.