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Southwestern Florida Dog Bite Attorney

Most dog owners treat their pets like a beloved family member, showering them with love and affection. However, not all dogs are so lucky. Some owners neglect or abuse their pets, which can lead to unprovoked aggression. We believe that most dog bites are caused by the actions of irresponsible owners, rather than by “bad” dogs. However, sometimes even the most well-behaved pet can unexpectedly snap.

The damage caused by dog bites and animal attacks is often difficult to repair. Victims usually need multiple surgeries including cosmetic procedures to heal and reduce scarring. If ligaments or tendons are severed, the bites could result in a permanent disability.

Why You Need to Work With a Florida Dog Bite Lawyer

In addition to physical injuries, dog bite victims may also deal with emotional and mental injuries that can last a lifetime. Dog bites and animal attacks can lead to lifelong phobias and permanent fears. If a child is attacked they may never be the same again. Victims deserve financial compensation to obtain necessary medical help, both physically and mentally, after a dog bite.

If the dog that bit you belongs to a family member or friend, you may be hesitant to consult with an attorney. However, it’s important to remember that in almost all cases it’s the insurance company, not the pet owner, who will pay for your damages.

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