Impact of COVID-19 on Personal Injury Cases – 2nd in a Series

Impact of COVID 19 on Personal Injury Cases in 2020 Part 2

We all know that in order to receive Personal Injury, you have to have all the necessary documents from a doctor. It requires an “expert opinion” and evaluation to be able to prove the degree of injury and how much it has affected your life and work. Without it, you will not receive any, or nominal, compensation. During the coronavirus pandemic, many hospitals that were otherwise available to use for this purpose became COVID-only, or at least deferred non-life threatening emergencies. This created huge crowds at other medical facilities – all of which had their own restrictions around appointments. If your injuries were not life-threatening, you might to go home and to see a doctor later.

This would be a big mistake because it is necessary for them to examine you soon after the injuries occur in order to receive maximum compensation. All this, while many do not want to go to the hospital at all, for fear of becoming infected with the coronavirus. It is, of course, your right to defer medical treatment based on the reality of the times, but your Personal Injury claim may become compromised over that decision. Go to the doctor, or an emergency center, while following all the advice of the World Health Organization, such as wearing a mask and maintaining social distance.

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