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10 Common Personal Injury Claims – a Few Might Surprise You

June 11, 2021 Legal Team
10 Common Personal Injury Accidents and a Few That Might Surprise You

As the saying goes, “Accidents happen.” Yes, they certainly do, and in a wide variety of ways. When it comes to personal injury claims, though, there are several common types of accidents. In this article, we’ll look at some you’ve heard of and a few that you might not have realized fall into the category of personal injury claim.

#1.  Vehicle Accidents

This is probably the most common personal injury accident. According to the Florida Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles, there were 403,626 traffic accidents in 2018. Many of these injuries resulted in serious injuries or fatalities. Victims and their survivors could seek compensation through personal injury claims.

#2.  Medical Malpractice

Some people don’t think of medical malpractice as a personal injury-type claim, but it is. Many people are injured or die because a medical provider didn’t follow protocol or was negligent. In fact, some studies show that medical errors are the third leading cause of death in the United States. Oddly enough, many medical errors go unreported.

If a healthcare provider has injured you or a loved one, talk to a medical malpractice attorney to learn more about your options.

#3.  Slip-and-Fall

In old comedy routines, entertainers used slip-and-fall gags to make audiences laugh. But slip-and-fall cases are really no laughing matter. While some injuries are minor, others can cause a lifetime of pain and suffering. If you are injured in a fall, your personal injury attorney can help you decide whether you have grounds to file a personal injury case.

#4.  Animal Attacks

These types of cases are often just called dog bite cases. But the owner of any animal that harms you could be held accountable. Here, again, people might feel these cases are not very important. However, animals can cause serious injuries and even fatalities.

#5.  Defamation

Defamation, by definition, “is a statement that injures a third party’s reputation.” This type of personal injury includes libel (written) and slander (spoken). Some people may find it hard to believe this is a personal injury, but, really, what is more personal than your reputation?

#6.  Pharmacy Mistakes

Some studies have shown that between 7,000 and 9,000 Americans die every year because of medication errors. Many others are injured. If a pharmacist’s error harmed you or someone you know, contact an attorney immediately.

#7.  Product Liability

People expect the products they buy to work as advertised. But sometimes errors occur in the design, manufacture, assembly, direction for use, and sales materials. As with other personal injury accidents, you could be entitled to compensation from the person or companies that harmed you with a defective product.

#8.  Workplace Accidents

This type of personal injury accident might surprise you. Workplace injuries can happen on the job site, in the parking lot or surrounding areas, or at off-campus work events. Many people who get hurt at work file workers’ compensation claims. In some situations, though, the injured worker could file a personal injury claim.

#9.  Assault

Another possibly surprising entry. But you might have a personal injury claim if someone physically assaults you. Law enforcement could charge the other person with a crime, but you could also sue to get compensation for your injuries.

#10.  Pranks and Practical Jokes

Finally, this is probably the most surprising entry on the list. But injuries received when a friend (or foe) pulls a prank on you could be a reason to sue. At the very least, you might need to negotiate with your ‘friend’s insurance company.

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