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5 of the Worst Non-Fatal Car Accident Injuries

October 25, 2021 Legal Team
5 of the Worst Non-Fatal Car Accident Injuries

Motor vehicle crashes can range from simple fender benders to devastating multi-vehicle fatality collisions. Likewise, car accident injuries range from minor to fatal. In fact, we tend to pay more attention to fatal injuries, but non-fatal car accident injuries can be life-changing as well. Let’s look at five of the worst non-fatal car accident injuries.

#1. Brain Trauma Is One of the Worst Injuries

Motorists can suffer head trauma even in relatively minor accidents. In reality, falls and car accidents are top causes of traumatic brain injury. Some people recover from non-fatal wounds within a few days, while others die or at least face a very different future than they had planned.

Treatment is generally expensive. Also, people often cannot work for a while because of their injuries. Some people might need assistance or financial support for the rest of their lives.

After a car injury involving non-fatal car accident injuries like this, we encourage you or your family members to discuss your case with an experienced personal injury lawyer.

#2.  Spinal Cord Car Accident Injuries Can Be Life-Altering

Like brain trauma, non-fatal spinal cord injuries can change the course of someone’s life in a heartbeat. And auto accidents are a leading cause of this type of severe injury.

Treatment depends on the type of injury. Some people may suffer nerve damage, while others could become paralyzed. In the most severe cases, victims might need medical treatment for the rest of their lives.

#3.  Internal Injuries – Symptoms Might Not Appear Immediately

People sometimes refuse to seek medical attention after a motor vehicle collision. But this can be a costly mistake. Some car accident injuries, especially those involving internal organs, are not as obvious as broken bones and head trauma.

Generally, this type of injury should be diagnosed immediately so treatment can begin. Failing to do so could turn this non-fatal injury into a fatal one.

Here, again, it’s important to speak with legal counsel to learn your options.

#4.  Severe/Multiple Broken Bones Are Common Car Accident Injuries

During motor vehicle collisions, people are often thrown around the car. They can also be crushed by the impact or harmed by flying objects within the car. The result can be car accident injuries involving one or more broken bones.

Of course, treatment varies according to the type of break, the number of breaks, and their location. Victims might need surgery, physical therapy, casts, braces, and medical equipment.

Broken bones might not seem as severe as some of the injuries mentioned above. However, medical bills can add up. Also, the potential exists for lost earnings if the victim cannot work because of their car accident injuries.

#5.  Loss of Limbs Can Require Lengthy Medical Treatment

Finally, people sometimes lose arms or legs because of their car accidents. Injuries can be too severe to be repaired. In some cases, people retain their limbs but lose function. The result is the same – their lives have been altered, and their futures could be uncertain.

Victims may need medical treatment, therapy, and financial support for months or years. When insurance fails to pay, litigation may be necessary to get the compensation you deserve.

Compensation Could Be Available for Your Car Accident Injuries

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