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7 Ways New Motorcycle Riders Can Stay Safe in Florida

April 4, 2023 Legal Team

According to Ride Smart Florida, the communication and outreach extension of the Florida Motorcycle Safety Coalition, the number of annual motorcycle fatalities in Florida has more than doubled over the past twenty years. This puts yearly deaths from motorcycle crashes at 550 per year from 2016 to 2021.

As of 2021, Florida and California held the largest number of registered motorcycles out of the fifty states. When viewed together, the prevalence of motorcyclists in Florida and the upward trend in fatality crashes is disturbing!

These numbers should serve to remind both new and seasoned motorcyclists about the importance of motorcycle safety and riding responsibly. The following are tips on new motorcycle rider safety in Florida but can be helpful to any level of motorcyclist.

Do These 7 Things Within The First 30 Days

Every new journey has to start somewhere. Beginning a successful riding career means making the following a priority within the first 30 days of obtaining your Florida motorcycle license:

  1. Ride as if no one can see you. By assuming you are invisible, you become more cautious. Work to make yourself visible to other drivers by wearing bright and reflective clothing, driving with your headlights on, and staying in open lanes;
  2. Do a pre-ride bike inspection. Pre-ride bike inspections are to be conducted before every ride. Check that brake lights and turn signals are working. Ensure tires are properly inflated and have enough tread for traction, control, and stopping. Double-check fluids and oil;
  3. Getting and wearing the proper safety gear. Protect yourself from Florida’s sun, wind, rain, and pavement by wearing proper riding gear. Riding gear includes a full-face helmet, riding boots, leather gloves, and a leather jacket;
  4. Practice. Practice maneuvers, stopping, and U-turns. Take riding lessons or attend an advanced class. Building your skills will make you a stronger rider;
  5. Do not drive distracted. Drive. Do not eat, talk on the phone, text, or take your mind, eyes, or hands off of the bike and road at any time;
  6. Check the weather. Florida is known for inclement weather. Know your limitations. Do not attempt to ride in weather if you are uncomfortable or unsure of your safety or the safety of others; and
  7. Obey Florida laws. This goes without saying, but obey all traffic and safety regulations for motorists. Do not drink and drive or drive impaired. Come to a complete stop before proceeding through four-way intersections. Carry state-required insurance minimums.

Above all, never stop growing as a motorcycle rider. While there are risks inherent to riding, improving your skills and taking safety precautions are an effective way to manage these risks.

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