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Ask a Sarasota County Personal Injury Attorney: Is it Okay to Talk to an Insurance Adjuster?

April 29, 2021 Legal Team
Ask a Sarasota County Personal Injury Attorney Is it Okay to Talk to an Insurance Adjuster

A lot happens after an automobile accident, even a simple fender bender. If you have never been through one before, you might find the whole process challenging. For example, who can you talk to about the accident? Can you talk to the other driver’s insurance company? What should you say? Is there anything you should not say? Your personal injury attorney can help you decide some of these questions, especially whether you should talk to an insurance adjuster.

A Potential Post-Accident Timeline

What happens immediately after an accident depends on the type of accident. Sometimes, the first thing you do is call 911. But someone else might have to make the call if you are seriously injured. Your car might be towed away, or you might drive it away yourself.

If you are able, we urge you to get names and phone numbers from the other drivers, passengers, and any witnesses. This is also an excellent time to get automobile insurance information. If the police arrived at the scene, find out how to get a copy of their report. All this information will be helpful to your personal injury attorney.

As soon as practical, you call your insurance company to report the accident. Here’s where insurance adjusters come in.

The Role of the Insurance Adjuster

Generally speaking, insurance adjusters investigate insurance claims. In fact, they are sometimes called claims adjusters.

One way to investigate a claim, especially for a car crash, is to talk to everyone involved in the accident. Here’s where the question, “Is it okay to talk to an insurance adjuster?” comes in. At some point, you probably will have to participate in an interview. However, it would be best if you did not talk to insurance adjusters without consulting a personal injury attorney first.

The primary reason to be wary involves who pays the insurance adjuster. They are hired by and paid by insurance companies. The adjuster’s job, then, is to keep the insurer’s compensation to you as low as possible.

During an interview, an adjuster might ask to record you. Unless your attorney approves, you can say no. You are not required by law to submit to a recorded interview. Whether recorded or not, what you say in your interview can become a problem. If subsequent statements vary even a little bit, the insurance company might accuse you of lying or omitting information.

Talk to a Sarasota County Personal Injury Attorney About Your Case.

Getting over the trauma of a car accident is bad enough. Talking to the insurance adjuster without legal advice might make things even more difficult.

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