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Emergency Response in Florida: What to Expect After an Accident

September 13, 2023 Legal Team
ambulance in a hurry with caption: Quick Action, Expert Advice: Navigating Emergencies and Injury Claims in Florida

No one wants to be involved in an accident, especially one that involves injuries. However, accidents happen across Florida every day.As a resident or visitor to Florida, it is vital to know how to get help should you or a loved one suffer accident-related injuries. No matter where you are located in Florida, the state’s emergency response lifeline is 9-1-1.

Calling 9-1-1 will connect you with the police, fire department, and emergency medical responders.

Emergency Response in Sarasota

If you are located in Sarasota at the time of your emergency, 9-1-1 will connect you with the county’s emergency call center. Sarasota’s Department of Emergency Services provides fire protection and prevention, emergency medical response, beach safety, disaster response and planning, public communications support, and 9-1-1 technology support to the community.

The Sarasota Department of Emergency Services’ mission is citizen safety, and it also works closely with first responders across the county to further this mission. The Department has four divisions which are:

  • Public Safety Communication;
  • Fire and Emergency Medical Services Operations;
  • Emergency Management; and
  • Lifeguard Operations.

You can connect to the Sarasota Department of Emergency Services at

Emergency Response in Bradenton

If you are in Bradenton when an emergency occurs, call 9-1-1 immediately. This will connect you with the county’s emergency call center.

The emergency call center will determine the nature of your emergency and respond with fire, police, and medical assistance. Bradenton’s public safety information and important phone numbers, including Manatee Memorial Hospital may be found at Public Safety – Bradenton, Florida.

What is the ECI Database?

The ECI database is Florida’s emergency contact information database. The ECI database is a service of the Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles.

The ECI database is a secure, protected registry accessible by law enforcement. It is used to reach emergency contacts in the event of a natural disaster or other emergency situation.

Anyone with a valid Florida ID can register two emergency contacts with the ECI database. If you are in an accident and unable to speak or use your cellphone, first responders can use the ECI database to locate and notify an emergency contact of your situation.

Seek Medical Care Right Away

Regardless of where you are in Florida at the time of your accident, seek medical care right away. Doing so protects your health and your legal right to seek compensation for your accident-related injuries.

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