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Sarasota Wrongful Death Lawyers and the Coronavirus Crisis

May 13, 2020 Legal Team
We recently sat down with  one of our Sarasota wrongful death lawyers to discuss  Coronavirus crisis and the questions that have been raised.   We’ve been inundated with client calls about accident victims rights to file a suit during the COVID-19 "stay at home orders". So, we decided to provide some information on our website....
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Can I Get Paid For a Car Crash Injury During the Coronavirus

May 4, 2020 Legal Team
Welcome back to our personal injury blog. As always, please remember that our articles are simply our opinions. Our website does not provide legal advice. However, if at any time you do wish to speak to a Sarasota injury attorney, or if you need legal advice, call us at (941) 877-6012. We provide free...
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Can I File an Auto Accident Injury Claim During the Coronavirus in the state of Florida

April 27, 2020 Legal Team
Remember, at Shapiro | Delgado | Hofmann we open during the Coronavirus crisis. We are here to help you submit and manage your injury claim. For over 35 years Sarasota personal injury lawyer David Shapiro has successfully won well over $100 million dollars for accident victims. Our injury attorneys have over 100 years of...
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Sarasota Injury Attorneys Open During the Coronavirus Crisis

April 4, 2020 Legal Team
Shapiro | Delgado | Hofmann knows that these are trying times. The COVID-19 virus has not only rocked out communities but our nation and our entire planet. Understandably, people are scared. Our entire law firm extends our hearts and prayers to all of those affected by this unforgiving and horrible disease. While this crisis...
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Fatal Auto Accident in Sarasota

March 25, 2020 Legal Team
According to My Sun Coast and ABC News, a man fatal crashed his car into a Sarasota building yesterday. The accident took place in the 1800 block of 6th street. Sarasota police are still investigating to determine the cause of the crash. The driver who was killed drove into a home. 3 people were...
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