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Ways to Avoid Bicycle Accidents

April 5, 2022 Legal Team
Bicycle Accident

Bicycle accidents can happen frequently, and can lead to injuries. Whether you are riding your bike for a leisurely outing, a workout, or if you’re commuting to work or school, you can be at risk of getting into an accident. While we tend to think of riding a bike as safer than being in a car, there are dangers you need to be aware of. You can suffer an injury if you fall off your bike and can be seriously hurt if you are hit by a vehicle.

Fortunately, there are ways to prevent bicycle accidents. Follow these tips to stay safe on your bike.

Ride the Right-Sized Bike

Can you properly reach the pedals and the ground when you’re on your bike? Riding a bicycle that isn’t the right size can impact your balance and your ability to properly control the bike. To ensure you are riding the right bike for you, reference the manufacturer’s size chart and make sure the bike you select correlates to your height. For added assurance, have a salesperson assist you with buying the bike.

Check the Brakes

It’s crucial to ensure your brakes work before you ride your bike. Without functioning brakes, you are putting yourself into a dangerous position on the roadways. This can prevent you from stopping at an intersection, slowing down if you go too fast, and other risks. To properly test your brakes, try to spin the wheels with your hand, and then apply the brakes. If the wheels stop, then you know your brakes are working correctly. If they do not stop, then you should consider having your bike serviced before riding it.

Use Lights and Reflectors

Make sure vehicles on the roadways can see your bike by having the proper reflectors and lights on your bike. Lights will also help you better see the road in front of you in the dark to prevent riding over any obstacles and putting yourself at risk of falling.

Wear a Helmet

You should always wear a helmet when riding your bike. Whether you are going for a quick ride around your neighborhood or a long-distance ride in traffic, you never know when you will rely on your helmet to protect your head in a bicycle accident. Helmets can help you reduce your risk of serious head, neck, and facial injuries – and even death.

Be Fully Attentive When Riding a Bike

Just like when driving a car, distracted driving can also put you at risk when riding a bike. While you might not be able to participate in some distracted driving activities that motor vehicle drivers can – including texting or eating – wearing earbuds or headphones can put you at risk. These not only take your focus off the roads, but they can also prevent you from hearing crucial sounds around you – including traffic, sirens, or other alerts.

Don’t Ride Too Fast

Speeding when riding a bike can be dangerous. While there isn’t a speed limit for bicyclists, you should only travel at speeds at which you can retain complete control of the bike, can brake quickly, and can react to your surroundings.

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