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What You Need to Know if Your Child Is Injured in a Car Accident

September 6, 2023 Legal Team
child in car seat with caption: Protecting Your Child's Rights and Health After a Car Accident

As a parent, you want to do everything in your power to help your injured child. If your child was injured in a car accident because of someone else’s negligence, you may be unsure of where to turn with questions about their care, medical bills, and your lost wages.

This is understandable, and there are answers to your most difficult issues. The following is a brief overview of what to know if your child is injured in a Florida car accident.

For information specific to your case, contact a Florida car accident attorney.

Medical Treatment is Your First Concern

Your first concern as a parent with an injured child is always ensuring they receive immediate medical treatment for their injuries. Whether this is on-scene from emergency response, at the emergency room, or an urgent care, get your child evaluated by a medical professional right away.

Call 911 for emergency and police response if you are with your child at the accident scene. If you are speaking with your child on the phone, have them call for help or call on their behalf.

Many automobile accident injuries cannot be detected by the naked eye. These injuries include traumatic brain injuries. Make an appointment with your child’s doctor for follow-up care and attend all doctor and specialty appointments that are recommended.

Documentation from the Accident Scene

Documenting the accident scene is the next most important thing you can do as a parent. This will help to protect your child’s legal rights.

If you are with your child, take pictures of the accident scene, any injuries, and vehicle damage. Gather eyewitness contact information including names and addresses.

Ask for the police officer’s badge number and contact information as well as when the police report will be available for pick up. If your child is alone and able, ask them to gather this information.

Payment for Your Child’s Accident-Related Medical Care

Paying for your child’s accident-related medical care can seem daunting. However, Florida is a no-fault car insurance state.

In a no-fault insurance state, your car insurance as a parent should cover your child’s car accident injuries. Your child may also be able to recover compensation from the vehicle owner’s car insurance policy, the at-fault driver’s car insurance policy, or the owner of the at-fault vehicle.

Compensation for your child’s injuries may depend on the severity of your child’s injuries, insurance policy limits, and types of car insurance coverage available for recovery.

An experienced car accident attorney can offer advice on pursuing an insurance claim against your own insurance company. They can also investigate your child’s accident to determine if multiple parties may be liable for your child’s medical bills and future care expenses.

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