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Accident With an Uber Driver? Learn Your Options Now

December 7, 2021 Legal Team
An Uber driver has your life in his or her hands when you are in their vehicle. With more and more Uber drivers on the roadways, you could find yourself in an accident with a rideshare driver as they are rushing to pick up or deliver passengers.  When this occurs, it can be confusing...
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Who Can File Wrongful Death Suits in Florida

December 2, 2021 Legal Team
A wrongful death suit can be filed against the responsible party if you lost a loved one due to another person’s negligence. How these cases are filed and who can file them vary by state. This type of lawsuit can be complicated and you should retain an experienced wrongful death attorney to assist you....
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Common Types of Catastrophic Injuries

November 30, 2021 Legal Team
Catastrophic injuries are life-changing. When you are injured in an accident, in most cases your injuries – while painful – will eventually heal and you can resume your normal life. However, in some instances, you will suffer a serious injury that has long-term and life-altering effects. Life as you know it will forever be...
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Motorcycle Accident Lawyers Ready to Help

November 23, 2021 Legal Team
Motorcycle Accidents Whether you’re a daily rider or a weekend warrior, the thrill of hopping on your bike and cruising through the scenic streets of Sarasota, Tampa, or St. Petersburg never gets old. Unfortunately, each time you ride, you face potential risks. Most avid riders and motorcycle accident lawyers know it’s not a matter...
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Steps to Take After a Slip and Fall Injury

November 18, 2021 Legal Team
When you are injured in a slip and fall injury, it’s crucial to take the right actions immediately after the accident. This will ensure you document the incident and your injuries so you can get the compensation you are owed. As soon as possible, you should confer with an experienced slip and fall injury...
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