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Statute of Limitations in Motorcycle Accident Cases

November 11, 2023 Legal Team
An accident is always distressing, and sometimes it’s painful and traumatic, with serious injuries with temporary or life-altering implications. Motorcyclists are especially at risk for grave injuries in an accident due to the unenclosed design that leaves no metal barriers between the biker and the road. Although a helmet protects against many types of...
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Florida’s Laws Around Wet Floor Signs

November 9, 2023 Legal Team
Slip-and-fall accidents happen every day, sometimes resulting in serious injuries. When customers walk into a store or business, they expect the store’s manager or owner to take reasonable measures to keep them safe from harm by promptly addressing safety hazards on the property. We often see warning signs in businesses to alert us to...
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Florida’s Crosswalk Laws: Know Your Rights as a Pedestrian

November 7, 2023 Legal Team
Florida remains one of the country’s top three states for pedestrian accidents, with 824 pedestrian fatalities in 2022, only a slight decline from 2021. Florida’s bustling tourist industry, year-round sunshine, and high elderly population all contribute to startlingly high pedestrian accident rates. Most pedestrian accidents result from negligent or reckless drivers, but both pedestrians...
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Florida’s Bicycle Laws

November 5, 2023 Legal Team
Every state seeks to protect cyclists through its bicycle laws, including Florida. Florida is a bicycling destination state filled with scenic bicycle routes like the Coast-to-Coast trail, The historic Gainesville Hawthorne Trail, and the island-hopping Florida Keys Overseas Heritage Trail. The Sunshine State’s year-round warm weather also makes it ideal for residents to use...
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Common Injuries in Pedestrian Accidents

November 3, 2023 Legal Team
Accidents are terrifying and traumatic, but when an accident occurs between a 4,000-pound motor vehicle and an unprotected pedestrian, the results are often catastrophic and life-altering for the pedestrian who doesn’t have the protection of a seatbelt, airbags, and surrounding metal. Pedestrians aren’t perfect, but the majority of pedestrian accidents are the fault of...
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