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I Was Hurt at a Florida Theme Park. Who Will Pay My Medical Bills and Lost Wages?

September 17, 2021 Legal Team
Angela was excited to treat her family to a couple of days at a Florida theme park. Little did she know how the day would actually turn out. While leaning against a bridge railing taking selfies, the railing gave way. Angela fell, sustaining serious injuries. Her children, who had witnessed the accident, were traumatized....
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Will Your Defective Product Lawsuit Protect Other Consumers?

September 15, 2021 Legal Team
After spending your hard-earned money on something, you expect it to work as promised. But the reality is that some items don’t work as expected. Unfortunately, about 30 million people are injured every year by defective products, with more than 20,000 fatalities. Maybe you were injured but worry about filing a defective product lawsuit....
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10 Stages of Personal Injury Lawsuits (But Some Are Optional)

July 31, 2021 Legal Team
At first glance, it might look like personal injury lawsuits are simple – someone is hurt, someone sues, someone gets or pays compensation. But there are actually several distinct stages that might be involved. Keep in mind that cases don’t always need every stage mentioned below. #1.  The Injury-Causing Accident It all starts with...
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Ask a Florida Personal Injury Lawyer: How Much Is My Case Worth?

July 28, 2021 Legal Team
After an injury, your first thoughts might be about recovering. But as you get better, you might begin wondering who is going to pay your medical bills? What about all the money you lost because you couldn’t work? How much is a personal injury case worth anyway? A Florida personal injury lawyer can help...
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Can You Be Compensated for Damages Caused by Pharmacy Errors?

July 21, 2021 Legal Team
Chris didn’t think twice about picking up his prescription refills. He had taken these drugs for years and never had any adverse effects. But this time was different. When Chris actually took the pills, he was rushed to the hospital with a severe reaction. His family looked over his drug refills and realized that...
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